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I thank the team... for their hard work which enabled the sale of my condo...The sale effort commenced at a very awkward time, right as the market was turning down. There was no real measurement of value as the market had changed so much over the past 2-3 years. Importantly, the buy surge had disappeared. There were no longer lines, and perhaps not many bidders.  The team developed a sound sales stragey at what was a reasonable price. Conditions changed rapidly however, and we lost our only bidder. The team kept to their task and developed another bidder. Significantly, it was the only other one. They kept me apprised as the negotiating occured. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner, while keeping me calm in a fast moving situation. Sale was completed and the paperwork done in an easy to understand manner. I wish to commend the team on a job well done



What a fabulous success story! We are thrilled you were able to... (do) this record-breaking transaction from LeadRouter... Quoting's about "quick response" and "establishing trust"...and you do them both so well...great job.



Thank you for your help during the home-buying process. This is the first property I have owned and your expertise, professionalism and patience made this entire process an educational yet fun experience for me. Before I became serious about buying a condo I read book after book about buying a home; I still felt lost once we started looking at potential buys. But you guided me through my confusion, and the whole process became much less intimidating. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I owe that largely in part to you, thanks!



Sincere congratulations on having received a favorable Customer Service Questionnaire reply from Ms. Kanjo.  We know and appreciate how much hard work goes into achieving that kind of result.  Thank you for your professionalism and your assistance in our effort to maintain our very high company standards.  Quote from Questionnaire: "She was so wonderful in helping me buy my condo. I cannot say enough good things...She treated me as if I were her best friend...found exactly what I wanted in my price range...saw to every detail of the purchase with efficiency...was always very kind, courteous and professional. She went out of her way to see that the escrow and loan agent were doing their job and that everything was ready on time. You should be very proud to have her in your organization.



Unlike other agents, if Carolyn and Marion received an offer that was insufficient, they would tell me so at the time they presented the 'bad' offer to me. If I was interested, they would advise me how much or whether to make a counteroffer. ... More importantly, they made the entire process simple for me, including the onerous paperwork that has become a burden to parties in a 21st century real estate transaction in California. Their advertising, their brochure which included sunset photography of the fabulous view from our condo, their ad placement on the internet was both expensive and time consuming for them, and they did everything just right. They appeared in person at every showing, and never allowed the other agent to walk their buyers through the unit without one of them being present. I have already recommended both of them to other clients and look forward to working with Carolyn and Marion again.



The condo has closed, the kids arrive tonight, and a new chapter begins in Ohio! I cannot thank you both enough for all you have done for our family! You have been a pleasure to work with, even if we have not always been.... You are first class professionals and I will always be indebted to you!



I wish to commend REALTOR® Marion Napier for excellent service in selling my house. Marion gave me her work phone number, her cell phone number, and even her home phone number. She was available for questions at all times. She guided me through all steps of the selling process and was always professional and friendly.In summary, I was fortunate to have Marion as my REALTOR®.



It is my pleasure to recommend the real estate services of Carolyn Taff and Marion Napier. We were fortunate to work with Carolyn and Marion on both the purchase and sale of our Los Angeles home. In selling our home, Carolyn and Marion developed a marketing plan that brilliantly positioned our home for sale. They recommended a designer to accessorize the house for a small fee, and I was amazed at the difference a few small changes made! They advised us on a pricing strategy that quickly attracted a significant number of qualified buyers without falling below our target price. After just one week on the market, we had an accepted offer at 98% of our asking price. Carolyn and Marion shepherded the sale through the financial hurdles, inspections, and closing.



We cannot recommend Marion and Carolyn highly enough – great to deal with them from beginning to end.

Judy and Dave


I enjoy working with the two of you, and most importantly, I know my clients are in good hands when they hire you.